The Elsevier Foundation’s Research Without Borders program funds skilled volunteers to provide strategic, editorial communication, and operational guidance to AJPP journals in on-site visits.

Volunteer Summary

2018 – 2019

2016 – 2019

Volunteer Reports

African Health Sciences

August 2017: Emily Djock; Publishing Assistant, Elsevier, Amsterdam

Annals of African Surgery

March 2017: Zoe Mullan; Editor, The Lancet Global Health, London  

January 2018: Louise Phillips; Marketing Communications Manager, Elsevier, Oxford

Ethiopian Journal of Health Sciences

October 2017: Louise Curtis; VP Publishing, Elsevier, Oxford

Ghana Medical Journal

January 2017: Meg Brew; Supplier Development Manager, Elsevier, Amsterdam  

November 2017: Annette Leeuwendal; Director Global Publishing Development, Elsevier, Amsterdam.

Malawi Medical Journal

January 2017: Cynthia Clark; Director Product Management, Elsevier, New York  

August 2017: Shalimar Shadeed; Senior Publishing Manager, RELX Group, Amman  

September 2017: Jayne Dawkins; Marketing Communications Manager, Elsevier, Philadelphia  

May 2018: Hoglah Dasari; Senior Publishing Content Specialist, Elsevier, Chennai

Rwanda Journal Series F: Medicine and Health Sciences

January 2017: Juliana Trajano; Publisher, Elsevier, Rio de Janeiro  

July 2017: Daniel Staemmler; Executive Publisher, Elsevier, Berlin  

September 2017: Daniel Staemmler; Executive Publisher, Elsevier, Berlin  

January 2018: Marc Chahin; Executive Publisher, Elsevier, Amsterdam  

May 2018: Jasmin Bakker; Editorial Manager, Elsevier, Amsterdam

Sierra Leone Journal of Biomedical Research

March 2017: Young Wu; Publisher, Elsevier, Beijing

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